About The Chinese Staffroom

The Chinese Staffroom is only for teachers of Mandarin Chinese and China to children and young people.

Developed by Bamboo Learning Limited it can be trusted. Bamboo Learning were the first specialists in teaching Chinese to children and young people. We remain the only organization to just teach Mandarin Chinese to children in schools and to concentrate only on the implications of learning Mandarin Chinese young and learning about China at school and university. Supporting, advising and innovating, we offer free advice to anyone interested in teaching Chinese in their school or teaching about China in their school.

Since our foundation we have built up an understanding of:

- the challenges involved in learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language

- the implications for pedagogy across all age groups (in the UK KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, GCSE, IB, Diploma)

- the importance of Knowledge about Language (KAL) and Language Learning Strategies (LLS) in learning Mandarin Chinese as a Westerner

- how to use Intercultural Understanding as an effective entry point into Mandarin Chinese in KS1 and KS2

- how to make the most of the few teachers we have of Chinese in the UK

- how to best teach about China across a school an integrate that learning into any language learning

- what the implications of learning Mandarin Chinese and learning about China are for the future of the children learning it

 - what the newly developed Language Upskilling Specification might mean for the teaching of Chinese

- how to judge the teaching of Mandarin Chinese without knowing the language and as an Ofsted inspector

- how research into bi-laterial relationships can help us understand what it means to introduce Mandarin Chinese to our children, teachers and schools 


and much more... we are always thinking ahead and developing more understanding of best and next practice.