UK: The Registered Teacher Programme (RTP)

Who is this for?

Non-graduates with some experience of higher education to complete their degree and qualify as a teacher at the same time. You will need to find a school willing to employ you.

What training will I get?

The school would need to work with a local higher education institution to ensure that you receive suitable training to extend your subject knowledge to degree level. The training programme leads to a degree-equivalent qualification as well as QTS.

How long will it take?

It usually lasts two years.

What about money?

Your school will pay you an unqualified or qualified teacher’s salary (starting from £15,461 depending on your responsibilities, experience and location). The TDA may also provide the school with a grant of up to £9,100 (for two years' full time) to cover the cost of your training.

If the school doesn't receive this funding, there is also a self-funded option available, by which the school will meet the costs of the RTP. To find out whether this option is available to you, you will need to enquire at your local RTP provider (known as employment based initial teacher training (EBITT) provider.

How do I find out more/apply?

Visit the TDA's RTP page at