The Graduate Training Programme (GTP) for Chinese Teachers (UK)

 Who is this suited to?

 The Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) is for graduates who want an on-the-job training programme to allow them to qualify as a teacher while they work. On the GTP graduates are employed by a school, earn a salary and work towards qualified teacher status. It's good for those who want to change to a teaching career but need to continue earning while you train. Once on the programme your training will be tailored to your own individual needs and lead to qualified teacher status.
What qualficiations do I need?
To be eligible for the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) you need qualifications at least equivalent to a UK bachelors degree and GCSE grade C or above in mathematics and English. If you intend to teach primary or key stage 2/3 (ages 7-14), you must also have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C in a GCSE science subject.
 How long will it take?
Training usually takes up to one school year, full time, depending on  previous teaching experience. In some cases, it may be much shorter.
What about money?
 Your school will pay you on an unqualified teacher’s salary (anywhere from £15,461 depending on your responsibilities, experience and location). The TDA may pay the school up to £14,500 to help meet your employment costs as well as a training grant of up to £5,630 depending on your location and the length of programme.
If the school doesn't receive this funding, there is also a self-funded option available where the school will meet the costs of the GTP. To find out whether this option is available to you, you will need to enquire at your local GTP provider, known as an employment-based initial teacher training (EBITT) provider.
As a trainee on the Graduate Training Programme (GTP) you must be employed in an eligible school for the duration of your training. The financial support you receive is the salary from your school, which is at least the minimum point on the unqualified teacher pay scale (see: Depending on your responsibilities, experience and location, your school may pay you more.
TDA Funded Places:
In some cases, the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) will pay your school a grant to contribute to the cost of your salary on the GTP. The TDA has a limited number of funded places on Employment Based Initial Teacher Training (EBITT) programmes. On a funded place, the TDA will pay GTP training provider a training grant to contribute to the cost of training. In most cases on the GTP, the TDA will also pay a salary grant to the school to contribute to the cost of your salary. On a TDA funded place, you will not have to pay any training fees.
Non-TDA funded places:
 The TDA has a limited number of funded places and these are extremely popular. If your provider does not have any TDA funded places available, you may still be able to participate in the GTP if your school or other sponsoring body is willing to cover the cost of your training and salary. You will need to enquire at your school and GTP training provider to find out if this option is available.   You may be charged a training fee by your GTP provider. This may be covered by your school, yourself or a combination of the two. You should contact your GTP training provider for more information about any additional costs.
 How do I find out more/apply?
 You will need to check your eligibility and find an employing school or training provider. Visit
Further help and advice can be found on the Teaching Information Line on 0845 6000 991

The CILT GTP for Mandarin Teachers

The CILT GTP is an initial teacher training programme for those who want to teach languages in secondary schools in England or Wales. It is an employment-based route where day-to-day work in school is combined with regular training sessions.

For 2011-12, there are two training options:

  • GTP for mother-tongue speakers of French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • GTP in Mandarin Chinese

Both programmes take one year and successful completion leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

CILT are an accredited provider of Initial Teacher Education and have been providing GTP training since 1998.

Overview of the programme or if you have specific questions, look at CILT’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Schools can find out what the GTP can offer you and how to apply as a training school.