The ELC and FCSE (AQA) Chinese (Mandarin) Links to all pages and summary

The ELC (Entry Level Certificate)  and FCSE (Foundation Certficate of Secondary Education ) in Mandarin Chinese are pre GCSE and are offered by AQA (that also offers the GCSE). For great summaries and links to the AQA website read on.


AQA Entry level Certificate (ELC) Mandarin Chinese

Who is it for?
For those students that are likely to reach grade G at GCSE. It is also ideal for 1st year KS3/4 Mandarin students who are potentially going on to study GCSE later.  The ELC can however be used at KS2.
What is the ELC composed of?
Reading and Writing
Topics:  My World/Holiday Time and Travel/Work and Lifestyle/Young Person in Society
Assessment: AQA send school a pack with two sets of assignments for each unit. Evidence is to be submitted from 4 units, one unit from each theme. Teacher assessment is moderated by exam board.
Listening and Speaking
Topics:  Evidence from the same 4 topics above selected for the reading and writing section.
Assessment: Teacher assessment and moderated by exam boardFurther Information
Further Information:
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The AQA Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education (FCSE) Mandarin Chinese

Who is it for?
It is for students who have studied for three years to the end of KS3. There is no prescribed vocabulary. Alternatively the FCSE can be the next stepping-stone for students that have completed an ELC.  
What is the FCSE composed of?
Four areas: Meeting People and Home Life/Holidays and Leisure/Health and Fitness and Food and Drink/Region and Environment and Work and Choices
Listening and Reading
Is externally set and centre assessed
Speaking and Writing
Teacher set and marked.
Three levels of award: pass, merit, distinction
Distinction Grade FCSE is equivalent to a full-course GCSE.
Further information:
For more information about the FCSE please visit AQA’s website here
The specification for Mandarin Chinese FCSE can be viewed here

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