Want to be an 'outstanding' Mandarin Chinese teacher?

Want to improve your own teaching practice? Might you have an Ofsted inspection soon?

An excellent video from Teachers TV: 'From Good to Outstanding - The Languages Teacher' Achieving 'Outstanding' is the ultimate accolade for teachers. Teachers TV challenges secondary language teacher Rebecca Wills to up her game and see if she can go from 'good' to 'outstanding' Watch the video here. Help your own teaching by asking yourself: 

What do you think an Outstanding teacher of Chinese looks like?
How might it differ from a teacher of a European language?
What might you be able to learn from best practice in Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teaching? 
What might MFL teachers learn from Mandarin Chinese teachers?
How might you change how you teach having watched this video?
How might you network with other MFL teachers having watched this video?