China Across the Whole School: Geography


Are you a teacher of Chinese or Geography?

Chinese Teachers: Broadening your teaching to include subject areas other than Chinese language adds an area of expertise to your c.v. and gives you examples to include as ‘significant achievements’. It might allow you to:

-  become involved in teaching geography as part of the Chinese curriculum (eg KS2/KS3/GCSE)
- motivate your language class by making China ‘real’ by showing pupils what China ‘is like’ and how it differs from the UK
- allow you a have a China theme to an international day where you look at geography across national borders
Geography teachers:  Here are lots of ideas about teaching about China and how to involve any native Chinese people you have in your community or school.
What this article will tell you:
·    What cross curricular means in terms of China and Geography?
·     Opportunities for Cross Curricular Chinese Geography in Primary and Secondary schools. Including where China and Geography appears in KS2/KS3/KS4 Geography Curriculums
·      Forming a partnership with your Geography Department / Chinese department (if you are Geography teacher!)
·      Resources and ideas
·      Statements you could make as a result in your CV
Do you have questions or comments?
Are you an outstanding teacher of China and Geography? Would you like us to build a case study of your work that you can place on your c.v. and on our website?
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