Podcasting in the Chinese Classroom


Who should read this article?  The use of ICT in language teaching is now a standard part of being a good MFL (Modern Foreign Language) Teacher. Chinese is lagging behind best and next practice in this area. Learn to be at the top of ‘ICT and Chinese’ and your c.v. will stand out from the crowd.

Look at the last section of the attached article for how you can update your c.v. if you gain experience with podcasting.

What can podcasting help you to do?
·         Motivate children learning Mandarin Chinese
·         Avoid ICT taking suffocating language learning instead facilitating it
·         Providing listening opportunities out of school
·         Provide assistance for teachers when native Chinese teacher is not always in school
·         Provide an interesting activity in the classroom for a group of children whilst you attend to another group that perhaps is learning at a different level
·         Communicate with partner schools through broadcasting and coping with impossible time zones
·         Help build up confidence in creating conversations by ordering phrases/sentences within editing functionality
What will this article tell me?
Read the full article attached (PDF) to find out:
What is a podcast
What I could use podcasting for
How can I podcast - equipment, software, process.
How podcasting could improve my CV!
Useful links
Also look at THIS LINK which is an article by an Australian teacher who used podcasting with her Chinese students.  (thanks for Theresa Monkford at Ashcombe School for the link!)
The Chinese Staffroom recommend Podium as an excellent podcasting software for children at KS2 and above.
Please share your ideas and experiences of podcasting for Chinese teaching with us and others.  Email ideas, experiences and even podcasts to Pete at info [at] thechinesestaffroom [dot] com.  If you have any comments about this article please email Pete as well.