Writing a c.v. - How to stand out


 Who should read this article? Any Chinese teacher whether they looking for a job or are happy/comfortable in their current job should be looking at ways of keeping your c.v. updated and relevant for the future. Don’t stand still, but keep ahead of the crowd. Updating and reflecting on your own c.v. regularly will help you to assess yourself critically and highlight potential areas for CPD. 

 Does my c.v. stand out?   In general terms c.v.s that stand out from the crowd get noticed. If there are many applicants for the job, however good you may be in the classroom, if your c.v. is not appropriate or easy to read then you will not get an interview.

Common c.v. failings  Teachers of Chinese tend to over emphasise success in areas that might not be that relevant to teaching and in a way that does not highlight skills. Schools here tend to want to see what your areas of expertise are and what you have achieved that is different.
What do schools want now and in the future?
Schools are increasingly looking to gain teachers of Chinese that help the rest of the school with:
·         understanding how Mandarin Chinese works as a language and the challenges and opportunities it brings to the school.
·         partnering with other subject areas such as history, geography, business studies
·         what qualification options are available
And they want teachers who are part of the broader MFL community. Your career will be limited unless you are aware and able to perform to MFL teacher best practise standards.
What will the attached article tell me?
- What does my c.v. need to stand out?
- What key skills will upgrade my c.v.?
- How can I upgrade my c.v.?
- A c.v. template - as an attachment.
Read the attached article and associate example template c.v.
Do you have questions or comments?  Do you have any other examples of ways that you can improve your c.v. If this article has helped you to get a job, then please let us know!!
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