Highlights from the US 2011 National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC 2011) in San Francisco

Unable to attend the biggest Chinese conference? Do not lose out.... 

Have a look at our highlights and plan to go next year to hear everything first hand and to network with other professional Chinese teachers. Whether you are from the US, or not, here you can catch up on the best from the plenary speakers and the workshops as The Chinese Staffroom has done the hard work of selecting some highlights and linking to much more.

Which conference are we talking about? ......  The 2011 US National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) organized by the Asia Society, College Board and Mandarin Institute encourages dialogue in the field of Chinese language education to ensure its wide-scale success.

Some statistics........over 1000 attendees, of which1/4 do not have a Chinese programme but wanted to learn how to establish best practice in their school, many others wanting to learn about about ‘ next practice’ including new developments such as the use of technology in the classroom.......

The Chinese Staffroom’s ‘pick’ of the Conference includes:

Technology and Innovation: Plenary about How ICT & Social Media is changing the way languages are learnt.  

Technololgy Panel Discussion from Asia Society Partnership for Glo on Vimeo.

How to create a culture of learning Chinese in your school. Presented by Chinese teaching ‘guru’ Dr. Eric Shepherd, Assistant Professor in the Department of World Language Education at the University of South Florida. Chinese is different and needs cultural work to make it stick. Reduce drop-outs by working with Chinese culture is the main message of this presentation.

Can Chinese Language get you students admitted to their dream college? Interesting presentation by co-host College Board. How can Chinese help students achieve their dreams post school? Understanding how to position the benefits of knowing Chinese whilst applying to college/univesrity is what is covered in this presentation. Boost uptake by being able to show students how they can present Chinese to enhance their future.

A New Confucianism in a Global Age: Keep up to date with Chinese culture fit for the 21st Century? This is clever stuff but if you want to be at the top of the Chinese teaching  profession you need to understand these aspects of modern China.

Keynote speech by Professor Tu Weiming, Founding Dean of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University and Research Professor and Senior Fellow of Asia Center at Harvard University. In his address, Prof Weiming discussed the challenges that Confucianism faces in the contemporary world. He has called for “New Confucian Humanism” to become “a source of inspiration for human flourishing in the twenty-first century” by contributing to the development of a worldwide “culture of peace that emphasizes communication, negotiation, dialogue, and reconciliation.” He also added that “Language teachers are ambassadors of the cultures.”                                                                                                                                          

Tu Weiming from Asia Society Partnership for Glo on Vimeo.

We need Chinese Teachers: Frank Tang from New York University, presents a US perspective of how Chinese Language teachers should be prepared for the US classroom. Needing to ensure teachers visiting from China know how to teach in a Western classroom. Look here to see what it takes... how to develop a structure that you can use to ensure you have covered all angles...

A World-Class Education: A Focus on students: Different students share their experiences of learning Chinese highlighted why it is such an important language to learn. This session is hosted by Robert Davis, Manager of World Language and International Studies, Chicago.    


student panel from Asia Society Partnership for Glo on Vimeo.

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