The Tiger Primary Chinese integrated Free School: Is this Confucius Classroom Next Practice in the UK?

New Line Learning Academy  are developing the next generation of school teaching Chinese in the UK- The Tiger Primary School.

- It co-teaches Mandarin and English from young?

- Integrates elements of Chinese approach to numeracy and music

- Allows for good transition into KS3 and KS4 Chinese at the academies New Line Learning and Cornwalls

- Makes the most of the schools Chinese teaching faculty available in the other academies and through HanBan funding?


If you are a parent read more here by going to the Future Schools Trust website


If you are a teacher what elements of this initiative make you wonder about your teaching, your school’s approach and you region’s approach?

What practices might you reinforce, or adapt or alter?

Of course in the USA there are many more bi-lingual Chinese schools - are they taking a similar approach making Chinese more than just a language but something that can extend into muscial ability and maths?


* Free Schools: Are all ability state-funded schools set up in response to local need in order to improve education for children in the community.    Teachers, charities, parents and education experts can now open schools to address demand within an area.