Blogging in the Chinese Classroom

A few highlights below to tease you to read the attached PDF article by Primary /Elementary Mandarin Chinese teacher Simone Haughey at the bottom of this article.

Why blog?

Teachers and students can blog as a way of sharing and displaying ideas, work and questions. Anyone can blog and many students and teachers use them for the learning/teaching of foreign languages.  There are great benefits for blogging in the Chinese classroom and particularly as students can access it from home as well as other students elsewhere anyone in the world who can read and respond to your blog too.

Who should blog?

 The use of ICT in language teaching is now a standard part of being a good MFL (Modern Foreign Language) Teacher. Chinese is lagging behind best and next practice in this area. Blogging is an excellent way for students and teachers to collaborate and communicate internally and externally.

What can blogging help you to do?

·        Motivate children learning Mandarin Chinese

·        Provide a focus for all children learning Mandarin in the school/class

·        Providing writing opportunities inside and outside of school

·        Communicating with partner schools ·        

What will this article tell me?

·        Read the full article attached (PDF) to find out:

·        What is a blog?

·        Why should you blog?

·        What are blogs useful for?

·        How you can use blogs?

·        How do blogs work?

·        Useful blogging links


Please share your ideas and experiences of blogging for Chinese teaching with us and others.  Email ideas, experiences and even podcasts to Pete at info [at] thechinesestaffroom [dot] com.  If you have any comments about this article please email Pete as well.