English Ofsted (Quality Inspection) Report on Language Teaching: Our view – what is yours?

Have you read, thought about and acted upon the latest Ofsted  (England's Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) report on language teaching published this year, to think through the implications for teaching Chinese in primary and secondary schools? Even if you do not teach in England it might be worth reading to prompt you to wonder about how to improve your own teaching

What is the Report?  Remember the 2008 Ofsted report 'The changing landscape of languages: an evaluation of language learning 2004/2007'?. This report 'Modern languages: achievement and challenge 2007–2010' published in Januray 2011, follows up achievements since then and examines the current challenges. Some aspects of language provision seen during this survey were better than in the schools visited during the previous survey. The primary schools in this survey were making good progress overall in introducing languages for their pupils. However, the report also highlights important weaknesses and the barriers preventing good language learning, including insufficient use of the target language in secondary schools.

What the Chinese Staffroom thinks…….. Read our interpretations of the report and their implications for teachers of Mandarin Chinese wanting to move onwards and upwards in the attachment below.

Read the report for yourself….. Read the 2 other attachments:  Full report and Summary. Which other areas should receive the attention of Chinese teachers? Let us know by emailing pete [at] bamboolearning [dot] co [dot] uk