UK: The ISEB Certificate of Achievement in Mandarin Chinese (Foundation level)

Below is general information about the Certificate. What else might you like to know more about?

  • Specimen papers for the ISEB Certificate of Achievement?  Go HERE 
  • The ISEB Certificate of Achievement specification?  Go HERE
  • The review of resources that support the ISEB Certificate of Achievement? Go HERE.

What is the ISEB Certificate of Achievement in Mandarin Chinese (Foundation)?   It is a simple 1 hour test (excluding oral) that tests ALL four disciplines:

  • Reading & Writing - 45 minutes (70%)
  • Listening – 15-20 minutes (20%)
  • Speaking - 5 minutes (10%)

The test is written and updated by  Dragons In Europe every September.

What age is it recommended for?  Any age, so preparatory or secondary school pupils.

What level of study if required?   It is appropriate for candidates who have undertaken 30 to 40 hours or one to two years of study.

Which schools can use the ISEB Certificate of Achievement?  Any Independent School who is a member of one of the Independent Schools associations (e.g., ISC, ISA, IAPs etc).  Non-ISEB schools just need to register with the ISEB by contacting telephone +44 (0)1202 487538 or by emailing enquiries [at] iseb [dot] co [dot] uk

When can it be taken?  The test can be taken at any time during the year and will start September 2011.

Cost:  £20 per student to register for the test.

How do schools register?  Go to the ISEB website HERE.  You will need your ISEB account number and password. 

What resources support the certificate?  The Certificate of Achievement is fully aligned to Dragons in Europe's Primary School Chinese 1-3 book range.  To purchase the range please go HERE.   An independent review of the Primary School Chinese range can be read HERE.

Detailed information about the certificate:   Please look at the specification HERE or download the attachment below.  

Past papers:  Specimen papers can be seen HERE or by downloading the attachments below. 

Any questions?  Please contact ISEB enquiries [at] iseb [dot] co [dot] uk or Dragons in Europe marcus [at] dragonsineurope [dot] com


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