Networks for Chinese teachers - Chinese and general language forums

Do you keep yourself as updated as often possible with:

- The very latest news and information about Chinese Language teaching?

- What is happening in other languages?

- Understanding how languages are taught in other part of the world?

Of course, you should regularly visit The Chinese Staffroom but why not also  join a language forum?

Chinese Networks Forum.  Hosted by Association for Language Learning (ALL) but moderated by the SSAT Chinese Networks, this is a relatively busy email based forum for Chinese practioners.BEWARE of ‘replying all’ to messages as your reply will be emailed to all forums subscribers.

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World Language Forum  - This is a new email based forum hosted by the Association for Language Learning (ALL) for use by those interested in the teaching of languages outside those generally on offer in schools and universities in the UK. This includes those which may be described as heritage or community languages and also major world languages such as Mandarin, Arabic, etc.

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Primary Languages Forum:  An email based forum hosted by CILT (The National Languages Centre).  It covers all languages but mainly European.  Still good to get new ideas about how other languages are taught at Primary/Elementary.

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Linguanet:  This is a discussion group for all those involved in language teaching and research. It aims to enable discussion and information exchange on the subject of teaching modern foreign languages, primarily in schools and sixth forms in the UK.  Again it is an email based forum.  Lots of stimulating debate on this one!

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ITTMFL:  A discussion forum open to all involved in training modern foreign languages teachers. The aim of the forum is to generate discussion, information exchange and mutual support for providers of teacher training, both in universities and in school-based programmes.

Chinese Forums (USA based):  A US based chat-room styled forum.  The ‘Learning Chinese’ section is geared more to Chinese learners however there is some useful discussion about  the HSK, technical Chinese, (ie grammar), Chinese characters etc.

Chinese Teachers Blog Forum (based in Australia).  Relatively simple to use blog and forum for Chinese teachers.  Little use so far.