OU Beginners Chinese and other courses for teachers wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese

- Are you a KS2 primary/elementary teacher wanting to learn enough Mandarin Chinese to teach it to your children?

- Are you a Head of Languages, with Mandarin Chinese in your school, wishing to learn sufficient Chinese to review lessons and become more involved in child/ student progress?

- Perhaps you are a non-Chinese teacher, accompanying students from your school on a trip to China wishing to learn some basic Mandarin?

We have selected a number of courses here that might suit your needs. Know of a course that is not in this list then please contact us.

Open University (OU) - Beginners Chinese (L197)

OU courses can be taken from anywhere. Students are assessed with a series of tutor marked assessments (TMAs).  The OU’s L197 course 第一步 Dì yī bù: Beginners’ Chinese gives you the skills you need to speak and understand simple Chinese (Mandarin) in everyday contexts. No previous knowledge of Chinese is required. This key introductory Level 1 course takes you through a wide range of practical situations such as socialising, shopping and getting around. The well reowned Open University sends you printed and audio materials, and you’ll have a dedicated website, all of which support independent learning. And while you’re learning the language, you’ll explore aspects of Chinese society and culture, which will give you a real feel for the Chinese way of life.  The course starts in September and lasts for a year. It includes optional face to face tutorials and virtual classroom sessions.

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Other options in the UK involving attendance include

University of Manchester

Look here for further information -  www.confuciusinstitute.manchester.ac.uk/courses/language/


Look here for further information  http://www2.lse.ac.uk/CIBL/Language%20Courses/home.aspx


Look here for further information