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How can you become a better or outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese? What is best practice? What are the new ways of teaching? The new ways of using which resources? How about exams? New to Mandarin Chinese?  How about how Chinese teachers should use social networks such as twitter or language forums?

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The Chinese Staffroom Team

AP Chinese - Language and Culture

Look here for the basic facts and well as links and resources including text books for AP Chinese - all in one place - developed by trusted professionals.

Finding, Developing & Keeping a Mandarin Chinese Teacher in your School

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Language Assistants for Chinese (School Placements): British Council/HSBC Global Education Programme: 2012

The British Council are delighted to offer the unique opportunity for three clusters of two or three

schools to have a Chinese Language Assistant (CLA) for the 2012-13 academic year. These CLAs will

be fully funded by our partner HSBC Global Education Programme and are available only to schools and academies who are new to teaching Mandarin and have not previously hosted a CLA.

Edexcel Chinese GCSE - Guide and quick links

The Edexcel GCSE in Chinese (Full Course) consists of 4 units based on the following skills:
Unit 1: Listening and understanding in Chinese (20% of total course)
Unit 2: Speaking in Chinese (30% of total course)
Unit 3: Reading and understanding in Chinese (20% of total course)
Unit 4: Reading in Chinese (30% of total course)
A full specification (updated Oct 2010) can be found here

UK Accreditation: Where do I find Edexcel and AQA GCSE Mandarin Chinese Past Papers (2009-) (Updated December 2010)

Read on - you have to be fully informed about these key Chinese UK based exams 

Edexcel Chinese   

First you need to become an Edexcel centre which means you are authorised to hold Edexcel exams in your school. If you are not then follow this link.

You will need your Edexcel centre login details to access the following: 

Question papers for Reading and Listening

Download from the Edexcel GCSE Chinese homepage 

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