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How can you become a better or outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese? What is best practice? What are the new ways of teaching? The new ways of using which resources? How about exams? New to Mandarin Chinese?  How about how Chinese teachers should use social networks such as twitter or language forums?

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UK Accreditations: Chinese IGCSE - Comparison between Edexcel and CIE

Are you teaching or considering teaching IGCE but are not sure which examining board to use? The attached PDF by author Yamin Ma, shows a full comparison between Edexcel and CIE IGCSE. It includes: - A breakdown of paper format - Topic areas of covered.

UK: Interested to read the latest research about Mandarin Chinese? Language Learning Strategies (LLS) and Knowledge about Language (KAL)

Why read this article. This is the only project within the UK based Linked-Up initiative, funded by the UK government, that works with Mandarin Chinese.      Read it and get informed about how you  might use Knowledge About Language (KAL) and Language Learning Strategies (LLS) in your classroom.


Why Language Matters - The US Perspective

Interested in national language policy?

This short video from the Asia Society highlights the case for United States to improved foreign language and cultural understanding capacity.   Parallels to be drawn with the UK perhaps?

A new US Congress Bill called ‘The Excellence and Innovation in Language Learning Act’ was introduced to congress in August. The proposed legislation could potentially overhawl when and how languages are learnt in the US particularly from early childhood. 
To read the article please visit the following link.

Introducing Mandarin in your school: CILT Case Studies

·         Are you thinking of introducing Mandarin in your school?

·         Want to broaden the international dimension?

Meeting the high demand for Chinese teachers - how are the US tacking the issue? A report by the Asia Society

Interested to know how Chinese language programs have grown in the United States over the past five years?

“The most significant barrier to meeting student demand to learn Chinese is the lack of trained and certified teachers.”   Sound familiar?   Interested to learn how the US are tackling this challenge?

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