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How can you become a better or outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese? What is best practice? What are the new ways of teaching? The new ways of using which resources? How about exams? New to Mandarin Chinese?  How about how Chinese teachers should use social networks such as twitter or language forums?

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The ELC and FCSE (AQA) Chinese (Mandarin) Links to all pages and summary

The ELC (Entry Level Certificate)  and FCSE (Foundation Certficate of Secondary Education ) in Mandarin Chinese are pre GCSE and are offered by AQA (that also offers the GCSE). For great summaries and links to the AQA website read on.


AQA Entry level Certificate (ELC) Mandarin Chinese

How to link with a school in China

Forming a link with a school in China can be an excellent way to make the learning of Mandarin and Chinese culture real. Links may involve the sharing of cultures, language and teaching experience and professional development of staff from both countries and enhancing the curriculum by supporting language awareness. By forming partnerships, schools can develop joint curriculum projects, exchange of students and teachers and develop language learning programmes together. This article explores the ways in which a school can form a link with school and how they can go about doing so.



Global Gateway

Your first stop should be the Global Gateway’s website. The Global Gateway is run by the British Council in collaboration with the DCSF. Along with many other countries the British Council create formal links with China.

The Gateway has an easy to use school search facility though the advance keyword search is easier to pinpoint particular cities that you may wish to partner with.

Review and Research - Languages in general and Mandarin specific

 Primary Curriculum Review 2008

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education/Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGCE/PGDE)

What is a PGCE/PGDE?

A PGCE course mainly focuses on developing your teaching skills, and not on the subject you intend to teach. For this reason, you are expected to have a good understanding of teaching Mandarin Chinese, usually to degree level before you start training.

How long does a PGCE/PGDE take?

Courses generally last for one year full-time or up to two years part-time.

Where can you do a PGCE/PGDE?

PGCE courses are available at the following universities and colleges throughout the UK:

The Graduate Training Programme (GTP) for Chinese Teachers (UK)

 Who is this suited to?

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