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UK: Teacher Training bursaries for Mandarin Chinese Language Graduates

What are the bursaries? The Training and Development Agency for schools (TDA) want to train up 1,575 language teachers this year, in order to meet current demand for language teachers. To encourage language graduates to enter teacher training they will be offering bursaries of up to £20,000.

Why?  The number of pupils expected to sit language GCSEs next year has risen by 22% to 52%, thought to be due to the requirements of the new English Baccalaureate - but at the same time, the number of modern foreign language teachers has declined in recent years, due to the fall in the number of pupils studying language GCSEs and A-levels, leading to fewer students studying languages at university.

Chinese characters for children and kids - learning to read and write Chinese

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·          You are looking for new resources for learning Chinese characters ( in schoosl with children)

The New UK based Mandarin Common Entrance Exam

What is the UK based Common Entrance Exam?  The Common Entrance examinations are used for assessing boys and girls who transfer to senior schools at the ages of 11+ and 13+. The syllabuses are devised and regularly monitored by the Independent Schools Examinations Board, composed of representatives from the The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference, the Girls' Schools Association and The Independent Association of Prep Schools.

Networks for Chinese teachers - Chinese and general language forums

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School trip to China - learn directly from an experienced Chinese teacher


By Paul Tyskerud, Confucius Classroom Manager, Dartford Grammar School


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