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A2/A Level: Research Based Essay (RBE) for GCE Chinese Edexcel

Overview of Research-Based Essay (RBE).  The RBE is Section D of the Edexcel A2 specification.  Students write an essay in Chinese (250–500 characters) about an area of interest to them and which they have researched in advance. Students are be free to set their own titles for this activity. All research must link to Chinese culture and/or society and to a specific topic area, film or book chosen from a prescribed list.  Students are not permitted to take any books, notes, dictionaries or texts into the examination room.

Your Gateway to the Chinese A-Level (GCE incorporating AS & A2): Start here

Whether you are new teacher of the Chinese A-Level (AS & A2) or an experienced practioner, save time by accessing all the resources you need to find in one place.  Whether you are looking for exam board updates, latest specifications, past papers or resources, use the links below to find what you need quickly:

A-Level Chinese Past Papers (Edexcel & CIE)

Edexcel:  Question papers (up to 2011), Examiner reports, mark schemes, Essay guides (including the Research Based Essay (RBE)), Listening exam MP3s can be viewed through the Edexcel secure content area.  First go here then choose the resource you need and login using you centre details and password.   

Chinese / Mandarin AS/A2 (A-Level / GCE): Edexcel

About the AS level Chinese:

The AS Level is split into 2 units:

Chinese/Mandarin AS & A – Level (GCE): Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

About the CIE AS/ A-Level:  Centres and students may choose to take an assessment at either:

Advanced (A) Level

Advanced Subsidiary (AS Level Chinese)

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