How to best teach Mandarin Chinese? Update yourself here

How can you become a better or outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese? What is best practice? What are the new ways of teaching? The new ways of using which resources? How about exams? New to Mandarin Chinese?  How about how Chinese teachers should use social networks such as twitter or language forums?

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The Chinese Staffroom Team

Your Gateway to the Chinese GCSE/Mandarin GCSE: Start here

Whether you are new teacher of the Chinese GCSE or an experienced practioner, save time by accessing all the resources you need to find in one place.  Whether you are looking for exam board updates, latest specifications, past papers or resources, use the links below to find what you need quickly:

AQA - AQA GCSE Chinese

Edexcel - Edexcel GCSE Chinese

GCSE Past Papers and revision materials for Chinese

All the links to past papers from both Edexcel and AQA examining boards are below.   Find what you need quickly with resources in one place for your convenience.


AQA GCSE Chinese: Guide & quick links

Are you a teacher looking for information about the AQA Chinese GCSE?      Save time by finding all the information you need in one place below.    Where is the specification/GCSE Chinese syllabus, where can I find examination updates, what resources should you use and where can I find past papers?

Speak to the Future: The Campaign for Languages – Let’s boost Language Learning in the UK (including Mandarin Chinese)!

What is the Campaign?   Speak to the Future is a new campaign with the support of over 30 organisations to address the UK’s flagging achievement in language learning. The campaign calls for urgent action on policy to safeguard and revitalise language learning across all phases of education in order to boost educational and career opportunities for young people and the UK’s ability to compete in the global economy. Campaigners have united to send a powerful public message highlighting the vital national importance of foreign language capacity in today’s global world.  The Speak to the future campaign is supported by the British Academy, the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a range of other organisations.

UK: First to best and next practice In Mandarin Chinese teaching and learning

Want to know how Mandarin has evolved from first practice to next practice?  What will future Mandarin practice look like?

Why not look at Dr Jill Shepherd’s (The Chinese Staffroom) presentation that she gave at Brighton College Chinese Conference below.   The matrix/table from the group exercise can be downloaded at the bottom of this page as a Word file.

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