How to best teach Mandarin Chinese? Update yourself here

How can you become a better or outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese? What is best practice? What are the new ways of teaching? The new ways of using which resources? How about exams? New to Mandarin Chinese?  How about how Chinese teachers should use social networks such as twitter or language forums?

Search here for articles all of which are relevant to teachers learning Mandarin Chinese?  Something missing? Let us know usoing the contact tab.

The Chinese Staffroom Team

Sharing ideas and best practice: Hold a ‘Teachmeet’

What is a TeachMeet?  TeachMeet is a FREE gathering of teachers and education professionals to share inspirational ideas, techniques and resources. The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, presented by teachers.

The new HSK and YCT: The facts about the updated Chinese Proficiency Test

What is the HSK?  The HSK (Hanyu shuiping kaoshi ) is the official standardised Chinese proficiency test  for non-native Chinese speakers.  It is similar to  the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) .  The category of non-native Chinese speakers  includes British, other nationalities, overseas Chinese and Chinese national minorities.

Take the ‘Moving up the Career Ladder’ test?

How do you score?

Step 1 - Grade yourself against these 7 trends. Are you a top Chinese teacher?

Step 2 - Add up your scores to see what type of teacher you are - see bottom of test.

Step 3 - Draw out an action plan to keep at the top or to reach the top soon.


Chinese across the Curriculum: Using the Chinese Abacus in Math(s)

Wanting to improve your profile across the school?

Wanting to improve Maths skills in your school?

Bored of how you teach Maths?

SSAT’s 2nd Annual Chinese Lecture (UK) – 1st March 2011 – The reaction of The Chinese Staffroom

The SSAT held a prestigious 2nd Annual Chinese lecture on the 1st March at the Barbican. The speaker was the Secretary of State for Education, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP. The Chinese Staffroom identified 3 key themes, each of which are reported below along with informative relevant links:

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