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OU Beginners Chinese and other courses for teachers wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese

- Are you a KS2 primary/elementary teacher wanting to learn enough Mandarin Chinese to teach it to your children?

- Are you a Head of Languages, with Mandarin Chinese in your school, wishing to learn sufficient Chinese to review lessons and become more involved in child/ student progress?

- Perhaps you are a non-Chinese teacher, accompanying students from your school on a trip to China wishing to learn some basic Mandarin?

Associations Promoting Chinese Language Learning

Are you a Chinese teacher looking for ways to network with other people keen on advancing Chinese Language and Culture learning in your country?  Why not look at the links below to find out the associations and networks in your country.  If your country is not listed and you have an association that you belong to that should feature, please email details to info [at] thechinesestaffroom [dot] com


Chinese Networks – formerly the SSAT.  Encompassing the SSAT Confucius Institute and the English Confucius Classrooms.

UK: Teacher Training bursaries for Mandarin Chinese Language Graduates

What are the bursaries? The Training and Development Agency for schools (TDA) want to train up 1,575 language teachers this year, in order to meet current demand for language teachers. To encourage language graduates to enter teacher training they will be offering bursaries of up to £20,000.

Why?  The number of pupils expected to sit language GCSEs next year has risen by 22% to 52%, thought to be due to the requirements of the new English Baccalaureate - but at the same time, the number of modern foreign language teachers has declined in recent years, due to the fall in the number of pupils studying language GCSEs and A-levels, leading to fewer students studying languages at university.

Get networked, get resources with Twitter: A Basic Guide for Chinese Teachers

**Our guide is downloadable at the bottom of this page**

UK, Chinese teacher training course for new teachers in schools

Who should read this?

- Do you speak Chinese but have no formal or little formal training in teaching children?

- Do you want to start improving your skills?

Teaching in the USA – State certification for Chinese teachers

Are you thinking about becoming a Chinese teacher or perhaps already teaching but considering moving to another State?  Then read on. 

What is certification?   Different States have different certification requirements.  For Chinese teachers  this means that you either:

Top 10 Free ICT Tools for Chinese Teachers (presented at SSAT China Conference 2011)

Thanks to everybody that came to our presentation at the SSAT Conference at the British Museum!   We loved sharing our ideas with you.  For those that couldn't make it, Pete and Simone’s presentation can be viewed on Prezi HERE.

To download a complete list of all the links (and many others) mentioned in the presentation see the attachment below.

Blogging in the Chinese Classroom

A few highlights below to tease you to read the attached PDF article by Primary /Elementary Mandarin Chinese teacher Simone Haughey at the bottom of this article.

Why blog?

Teachers and students can blog as a way of sharing and displaying ideas, work and questions. Anyone can blog and many students and teachers use them for the learning/teaching of foreign languages.  There are great benefits for blogging in the Chinese classroom and particularly as students can access it from home as well as other students elsewhere anyone in the world who can read and respond to your blog too.

Highlights from the US 2011 National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC 2011) in San Francisco

Unable to attend the biggest Chinese conference? Do not lose out.... 

Have a look at our highlights and plan to go next year to hear everything first hand and to network with other professional Chinese teachers. Whether you are from the US, or not, here you can catch up on the best from the plenary speakers and the workshops as The Chinese Staffroom has done the hard work of selecting some highlights and linking to much more.

Which conference are we talking about? ......  The 2011 US National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) organized by the Asia Society, College Board and Mandarin Institute encourages dialogue in the field of Chinese language education to ensure its wide-scale success.

Some statistics........over 1000 attendees, of which1/4 do not have a Chinese programme but wanted to learn how to establish best practice in their school, many others wanting to learn about about ‘ next practice’ including new developments such as the use of technology in the classroom.......

Using FREE ICT resource Voki in the Classroom: Motivatating pupils to improve Chinese speaking/listening

Are you using motivational opportunities for your pupils to practise speaking Chinese?

Are you looking for ways to simply assess your pupils speaking Chinese?

Are you using cool, free, easy-to-use ICT applications that are fun and engaging for you pupils?

Do you want to add a new skill to your c.v. by improving your ICT competencies?