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Sharing ideas and best practice: Hold a ‘Teachmeet’

What is a TeachMeet?  TeachMeet is a FREE gathering of teachers and education professionals to share inspirational ideas, techniques and resources. The main part of TeachMeet is hearing stories about learning, presented by teachers.

Take the ‘Moving up the Career Ladder’ test?

How do you score?

Step 1 - Grade yourself against these 7 trends. Are you a top Chinese teacher?

Step 2 - Add up your scores to see what type of teacher you are - see bottom of test.

Step 3 - Draw out an action plan to keep at the top or to reach the top soon.


Meeting the high demand for Chinese teachers - how are the US tacking the issue? A report by the Asia Society

Interested to know how Chinese language programs have grown in the United States over the past five years?

“The most significant barrier to meeting student demand to learn Chinese is the lack of trained and certified teachers.”   Sound familiar?   Interested to learn how the US are tackling this challenge?

Writing a c.v. - How to stand out


 Who should read this article? Any Chinese teacher whether they looking for a job or are happy/comfortable in their current job should be looking at ways of keeping your c.v. updated and relevant for the future. Don’t stand still, but keep ahead of the crowd. Updating and reflecting on your own c.v. regularly will help you to assess yourself critically and highlight potential areas for CPD. 

 Does my c.v. stand out?   In general terms c.v.s that stand out from the crowd get noticed. If there are many applicants for the job, however good you may be in the classroom, if your c.v. is not appropriate or easy to read then you will not get an interview.

China Across the Whole School: Geography


Are you a teacher of Chinese or Geography?

Chinese Teachers: Broadening your teaching to include subject areas other than Chinese language adds an area of expertise to your c.v. and gives you examples to include as ‘significant achievements’. It might allow you to:

Podcasting in the Chinese Classroom


Who should read this article?  The use of ICT in language teaching is now a standard part of being a good MFL (Modern Foreign Language) Teacher. Chinese is lagging behind best and next practice in this area. Learn to be at the top of ‘ICT and Chinese’ and your c.v. will stand out from the crowd.

Look at the last section of the attached article for how you can update your c.v. if you gain experience with podcasting.

PGCE Primary MFL (Mandarin) course: University of Warwick

  About the PGCE Primary MFL (Mandarin) Course:

-          Placements cover the full primary age range using a wide range of settings

-          Training includes all the foundation subjects.

-          Days in school focusing on inclusion including teaching pupils with English as an Additional Language.

-          All Warwick Primary PGCE students study a foreign language and receive primary foreign language training (French, Spanish or Chinese)

Chinese teacher resume / curriculum vitae template


Good Chinese teachers are scarce. But so are good jobs. Want a better job then read this article.

The better the job, the better the competition will be. You need to show that you can compete with the best in teaching other Global Languages to children and young people.

The attached article below addresses the following:

  • The approach you should take when looking for a new job
  • Where you can find jobs
  • Applications and cv writing
  • The Interview
  • Feedback and career planning

A very helpful article on cv writing with an associated cv template is NOW on the Chinese Staffroom.  To read it click HERE.

If you have any additional advise or comments about this article, please either comment by logging in or emailing info [at] thechinesestaffroom [dot] com.  We would like to hear from you. 



Want to be an 'outstanding' Mandarin Chinese teacher?

Want to improve your own teaching practice? Might you have an Ofsted inspection soon?

An excellent video from Teachers TV: 'From Good to Outstanding - The Languages Teacher' Achieving 'Outstanding' is the ultimate accolade for teachers. Teachers TV challenges secondary language teacher Rebecca Wills to up her game and see if she can go from 'good' to 'outstanding' Watch the video here. Help your own teaching by asking yourself: 

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education/Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGCE/PGDE)

What is a PGCE/PGDE?

A PGCE course mainly focuses on developing your teaching skills, and not on the subject you intend to teach. For this reason, you are expected to have a good understanding of teaching Mandarin Chinese, usually to degree level before you start training.

How long does a PGCE/PGDE take?

Courses generally last for one year full-time or up to two years part-time.

Where can you do a PGCE/PGDE?

PGCE courses are available at the following universities and colleges throughout the UK: