Chinese Transport: A focus on new high speed rail travel

Why not focus on train travel when you next look at major cities or the geography of China?  Use this latest news about the new high speed rail networks being built across China?  After the short briefing below there are a number of possible activities and questions to ask your students.

Top 10 Free ICT Tools for Chinese Teachers (presented at SSAT China Conference 2011)

Thanks to everybody that came to our presentation at the SSAT Conference at the British Museum!   We loved sharing our ideas with you.  For those that couldn't make it, Pete and Simone’s presentation can be viewed on Prezi HERE.

To download a complete list of all the links (and many others) mentioned in the presentation see the attachment below.

International, Recommended reading - books for students going to University to read Oriental Studies/Chinese Studies

Please note that this list has been formed based on the opinions and personal recommendations of Chinese teaching practioners.  Please refer to specific University course reading lists for definitive books/resources. 


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