Chinese New Year Workshop Material (Xiaoman Sun)

This resource has been created by Xiaoman Sun, from Seven Kings High School in the UK.

In her school, Sun has 5 workshops for her Year 7 & 8 students to decorate the school assembly hall and surrounding areas in preparation for the Chinese New Year. The workshops are:

1.Giant Painting for Assembly Hall
2. Making Chinese Lanterns
3. Chinese Origami
4. Design Year of Tiger Posters
5. Chinese Calligraphy experience-Chinese Lucky Symbols & write down students' Chinese name

Sun's 'action plan' is based on a 2 week programme, though this could obviously be adjusted depending on how much time you have available.

These activities would certainly work well with KS2/primary children too.

Bubblr: Create your own fun photo comic strips and add conversations and subtitles in Chinese.

Bubblr is a FREE, fun and incredibly easy way for you and your students to create smart photographic comic strips/presentations on the subject of your choice.

You can add your own captions, speech-bubbles or titles to photos and it works really well with pinyin and Chinese characters.

Here is how it works.

Chinese New Year - food, traditionals and songs

Teacher Pei-Shu Lin uses this presentation with her KS3 children to introduce them to Chinese New Year and familiarise them with some food, traditions and even songs associated with Chinese New Year.

If you have Chinese New Year resource that you would like to share or even sell to The Chinese Staffroom, please contact pete [at] bamboolearning [dot] co [dot] uk

What its China? An ideal introduction/taster

This presentation gives children a basic idea of China, the country. It shows its scale, traditional and modern cultures. Ideal for KS1, KS2.

For older children why not try the watching the Pilot Guide to China.

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