Chinese Transport: A focus on new high speed rail travel

Why not focus on train travel when you next look at major cities or the geography of China?  Use this latest news about the new high speed rail networks being built across China?  After the short briefing below there are a number of possible activities and questions to ask your students.

Top 10 Free ICT Tools for Chinese Teachers (presented at SSAT China Conference 2011)

Thanks to everybody that came to our presentation at the SSAT Conference at the British Museum!   We loved sharing our ideas with you.  For those that couldn't make it, Pete and Simone’s presentation can be viewed on Prezi HERE.

To download a complete list of all the links (and many others) mentioned in the presentation see the attachment below.

Free Game: Learn Chinese Numbers - calculator style!


Hear a number in Chinese and type out the number in Chinese characters on the school calculator. Counting in Chinese in to the thousands as a child is easy! If you get stuck, press ‘help’ once to reveal the English number.  Get stuck again, press ‘help’ again to reveal the Chinese character (which matches the numbers on the calculator!). Be warned though, pressing ‘help’ will mean that you get fewer points. Useful when getting a bus or when paying for something.

Free Game - Chinese Snap!

A really fun twist on the old ‘Snap’ card game.


Game 1:  Simple – when you see the same 2 cards press ‘Snap’.  Make sure you listen and remember the Chinese words that go with each card – you will need them for the next level!


Using FREE ICT resource Voki in the Classroom: Motivatating pupils to improve Chinese speaking/listening

Are you using motivational opportunities for your pupils to practise speaking Chinese?

Are you looking for ways to simply assess your pupils speaking Chinese?

Are you using cool, free, easy-to-use ICT applications that are fun and engaging for you pupils?

Do you want to add a new skill to your c.v. by improving your ICT competencies? 

AP Chinese - Textbooks, Resources & Sample Questions

AP Chinese Exam Format – Sample questions:

AP Exam Overview:  Use this presentation to preview the question types and directions screens you'll see on exam day.  HERE

Free Chinese Game Book: Greetings


Children learn some useful conversations that you may have with your friends from all over the world.

First of all ‘read the book’ this beautifully illustrated book to hear and see all the conversations in full.

Free Chinese Game: Ecohouse

Come into the new Eco-friendly house.  Learn about the different rooms of the house and some common things and people that you find in the home. 

In level 1, listen and see the word in Chinese (character and pinyin) and find and click on the correct item in the house.

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