Hello MYLO Chinese – site fully operational!

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What is MYLO?   MYLO is a new FREE online language learning service funded by the Department of Education.  MYLO is aimed at KS3 and 4 and has 4 language areas: French, German, Spanish and Mandarin.  MYLO can be used either at school or at home.   MYLO links pupils’ favourite interests with things that they like doing on the internet – playing games, creating blogs and movies, and sharing and working with others – making learning languages exciting and fun!  A more detailed article looking at MYLO can be viewed HERE.  

What’s new?

The Basics section is now fully complimented with modules as follows:

·         Greetings

·         Names

·         Age and animal signs

·         Nationality and language

·         Dates

·         Time

·         Starting a conversation

·         Going to an Internet café

·         Sending messages

·         Daily routine

·         School life

·         Family members

·         Sports and hobbies

·         Numbers

·         Food and drink

·         Shopping and haggling

·         Taxis and directions

·         Travelling around Shanghai

With foundation modules:

·         Understanding pinyin

·         Chinese tones

·         Recognising Chinese characters

·         Writing Chinese characters

Students can then move on to do a Challenge.  With six to choose from students can then put their newly acquired language into context, learning additional Chinese within the Challenge process in order to complete the Challenge final task.   The Challenges are as follows:

A more detailed article looking at MYLO can be viewed HERE.  

Link to MYLO