BBC Newsnight: The Chinese Ambassador’s first interview on the BBC

To coincide with Chinese New Year, Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman interviews Lu Xiaoming, the UK’s Chinese Ambassador

During the interview, the Ambassador discusses such topics as China’s:

·         International role and whether they  are now a ‘superpower’

·         Moral role and a comparison with US foreign policy

·         Economic role and it’s relative wealth per capita against GDP

·         Human rights record and Ai Wei Wei.

To watch the interview click on this link and ‘fast forward’ to 39 minutes.

Jeremy Paxman also recorded a special report in Beijing about ‘China’s Grand Ambition’

This interesting report starts by looking at history and shows how it can shape modern day China and its aspirations for the future.   

Finally this BBC article looks at China’s work ethic and wealth in the population.