Great PR for Chinese! Learn how its done - Learning Mandarin in schools features on BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Programme

We all need to know how to promote learning about China and learning Mandarin Chinese.  Here is an exemplar of where many different aspects of learning Chinese are positively covered in one short high profile article.   

The article was on the prestigious ‘Today’ programme coinciding with the British Museum’s hosting of the annual finals of the HSBC/British Council Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition

The article covered ALL of the following:

Rise in Chinese learning in the UK:  The  huge increase of participants in the speaking competition over the past 5 years.

Importance of bi-cultural understanding: James Trapp, The British Museum’s China Schools Education Office discusses the importance of learning about Chinese culture in association with language and how that leads to bi-cultural understanding.  He uses objects in the British Museum's collection to demonstrate.

Vocational importance:  Students reflect on how important learning Chinese is for their future ‘competitiveness’ as China’s presence on the global stage increases.

Different not difficult:  Demystifying the language and demonstrating that aspects of learning Chinese are relatively simple. 

Early adoption:  Learning Chinese as young as possible is essential. 

To listen to the article:  Click here

Fast forward to 44 minutes.


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