Los Angeles, National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC 2014)

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The National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) is dedicated to enhancing the nation’s capacity for the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture by sharing cutting-edge practices and examples with educators and policymakers. Join us for the 7th annual NCLC, May 8–10, 2014 in Los Angeles.

Program Strands

Each of 70+ breakout sessions will focus on at least one of the following conference strands:
•New! Contemporary China
•New! Higher Education
•Curriculum and Instruction
•Partnerships and Community Engagement
•Program Models and K–16 Articulation
•Teacher Development and Sustainability

2-hour sessions on Saturday:
•Teacher Swap Shop: A hands-on opportunity to exchange practical classroom activities and materials.
•Technology Forum: Experience innovative technology tools and approaches to successfully support language instruction with technology.
•Research Colloquium: Engage with the latest research on Chinese language learning and current advances in the teaching of grammar, pronunciation, literacy, and reading.

Sessions will:
•Offer practical, hands-on information and resources that participants can apply in their work.
•Provide research and data to support claims and document outcomes.
•Include best practices and examples of what works and what doesn’t.
•Present programs or policies that improve educational access and success for all students.
•Include speakers from multiple institutions and/or regions.
•Foster dialogue between educators from different professional areas.
•Offer fresh perspectives on critical issues in the field.

For more details see http://sites.asiasociety.org/nclc2014