How can you use news about China in your school with your children learning Mandarin Chinese?

Keeping children learning Chinese motivated with current news about the growing importance of China in the global economy can be key to maintaining good learning progress.

There can also be policy changes regarding learning Chinese in schools in various countries (USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and in China itself. Stay in contact with this part of the site.

UK: SSAT/Chinese Networks – National Conference 2012

Are you a Chinese teacher and want to learn the very latest best and next practice?  Are you a Headteacher or head of MFL that is considering Chinese and want to learn more?  Are you just looking for CPD of networking opportunities?

Then book yourself a place at this year’s Chinese Schools Network conference?   

When?  18-19 May 2012

UK: SSAT Confucius Institute Excellence Awards 2012- Nominate a teacher

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What are the awards for?  This is your opportunity to celebrate all the hard work and effort that goes into really great Chinese teaching.   It is a chance to show your appreciation for a colleague and gain public recognition for their contributions.

Read about the Excellence Awards here:

British Council: New grants for school China partnerships

What are the grants for?  Connecting Classrooms is a global programme that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in the UK and others around the world.

Great PR for Chinese! Learn how its done - Learning Mandarin in schools features on BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Programme

We all need to know how to promote learning about China and learning Mandarin Chinese.  Here is an exemplar of where many different aspects of learning Chinese are positively covered in one short high profile article.   

The article was on the prestigious ‘Today’ programme coinciding with the British Museum’s hosting of the annual finals of the HSBC/British Council Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition

BBC Newsnight: The Chinese Ambassador’s first interview on the BBC

To coincide with Chinese New Year, Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman interviews Lu Xiaoming, the UK’s Chinese Ambassador

During the interview, the Ambassador discusses such topics as China’s: