How can you use news about China in your school with your children learning Mandarin Chinese?

Keeping children learning Chinese motivated with current news about the growing importance of China in the global economy can be key to maintaining good learning progress.

There can also be policy changes regarding learning Chinese in schools in various countries (USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and in China itself. Stay in contact with this part of the site.

Schools Network (formerly SSAT)/Hanban Autumn Camps in China

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Background:  Following on from previous  Summer/Autumn camps held in China since 2007, The Schools Network (SSAT) Confucius Institute will be partnering again partner with Hanban (The Office of Chinese Language Council International) to run a 2012 Autumn Camp for secondary students and teachers in England.

“How to survive the meltdown” – Learn Chinese from an early age (Panorama)

Chinese lessons frame  last night’s (12 Dec 11) Panorama programme on BBC1.  Mandarin features in both the beginning and end sequences. 

Panorama investigates how Britain could survive the economic crisis. It asks what our government needs to do to chart a path to a brighter future.  The conclusion is for us to ‘move to unfamiliar places’ including what we educate our children. Such as move will require “big decisions” being made. 

Learning Chinese? Immerse yourself and become a Language Assistant in China

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Improve your Chinese in China.  The British Council are now accepting for applications to become a Language Assistant teaching English in China. 

Where in China?   Posts will predominantly be in secondary schools across the country.

Posts are available in a number of provinces including Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai Tianjin,, Yunnan and Zhejiang. Your flexibility regarding location is encouraged. The list of locations is subject to change.

UK: Good news for Mandarin at Primary Schools?

Are you interested in the Primary School Chinese?  Or just passionate about Mandarin being taught to children from a young age?  Then read on….

Education Secretary, Michael Gove has announced proposals to teach languages to children from age five. 

Ahead of the October 2011 Conservative Party conference Gove aanounced that he promised to “pull every lever”, including encouraging longer school days, to make it happen.