How can you use news about China in your school with your children learning Mandarin Chinese?

Keeping children learning Chinese motivated with current news about the growing importance of China in the global economy can be key to maintaining good learning progress.

There can also be policy changes regarding learning Chinese in schools in various countries (USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and in China itself. Stay in contact with this part of the site.

China building US railways - turning full circle

(Source BBC News)

In the week following the launch of the brand new Beijing to Shanghai high speed rail (see associated resource below) ,  this BBC article uncovers that China has played an important part building railways overseas too.


Liverpool Football Club (LFC) in China for the first time!

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Liverpool Football Club arrived in Guangzhou, China on 10 July, part of their pre-season tour of Asia.  Kenny Dalglish and his squad were greeted by scenes of hysteria as Chinese fans gathered in their hundreds to welcome the Reds to China for the first time.

UK: Chinese Studies at Durham University returns in October!

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Course overview:   This is a four-year multidisciplinary degree based in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures  (MLaC) with core Chinese language and culture modules taught. These modules consist of a double language module in each of the three years spent in Durham, plus a single culture module. The fourth module in each year is one of the following modules:

India introducing Mandarin Chinese to schools in 2011-2012

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In response to the rising economic influence of China, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to introduce Mandarin Chinese in schools in India.  The introduction of Mandarin is going to be incremental starting with class VI(11 years old) from the 2011-12 academic year.

Singapore: The relevance of Chinese history and culture: Doing business with China

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The Confucius Institute at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is hosting a special seminar led by reputed Singapore historian now businessman, Ke Lumber.  The seminar will focus on look at the relevance of Chinese history and culture for organizations doing business with modern day China. Ke lumber will personally reflect on his  long-term work in China and the  rich history and culture he has drawn on in order to do business in China.