How can you use news about China in your school with your children learning Mandarin Chinese?

Keeping children learning Chinese motivated with current news about the growing importance of China in the global economy can be key to maintaining good learning progress.

There can also be policy changes regarding learning Chinese in schools in various countries (USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and in China itself. Stay in contact with this part of the site.

British Museum: Free Chinese Art Exhibition by Xu Bing: Background Story 7 (from 12 May 11)

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Who is Xu Bing?  Xu Bing is a Chinese-born artist, a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and moved to the United States in 1990.  Xu Bing’s artistic practice has been described as ‘an exploration of language’.   In works ranging from monumental installations to handcrafted books, he plays with the written word, usually in the form of the Chinese character.His work has been and is exhibited all over the world including The National Art Museum of China, The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, The Museum of Modern Art New York and Museum Ludwig (Köln, Germany).

ICT & Social Media with Languages – How they are changing the way children are educated

This interesting plenary session at the US National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) last week looked at how how Information Technology and Social Media are changing the way languages are taught, learnt and used for international collaboration.

UK Department for Education (DfE): New powers for teachers to improve discipline in schools (4 April 2011)

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The UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced new and clearer guidance for teachers on how they should deal with bad behaviour. These include:

- New guidance clarifies powers of teachers to search students and use force

- More than 600 pages of guidance cut down to 50

Chinese in Singapore: $12 million to promote Chinese language through Language Enrichment programmes

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The Singapore Ministry of Education has announced that it will be investing $12 million to promote the use of Mandarin among students in non-classroom settings.

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