How can you use news about China in your school with your children learning Mandarin Chinese?

Keeping children learning Chinese motivated with current news about the growing importance of China in the global economy can be key to maintaining good learning progress.

There can also be policy changes regarding learning Chinese in schools in various countries (USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and in China itself. Stay in contact with this part of the site.

The New HSK test – broadening appeal to countries developing Chinese language programmes

Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters launched the first new HSK test in Israel on 10 February.  As Sino-Israeli cooperation in trade, economics, education, science, technology and culture increase rapidly, the trend for learning Chinese is also on the rise.

Calling all UK Language and Primary Teachers wanting to introduce Chinese to their School

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Immersive language course for secondary MFL and primary teachers in China:

SSAT (UK) Confucius Institute Excellence Awards 2011

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Nominations are now open for the SSAT Confucius Institute excellence awards 2011.  The SSAT Confucius Institute excellence awards scheme aims to give professional recognition for contributions to Chinese language teaching and enabling the study of China across the curriculum in schools. The awards acknowledge and celebrate the work of those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the subject and supported learning.

The excellence award categories are:

What did Michael Gove say about Chinese in the UK?

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Here is a link to the video to hear what Michael Gove had to say about learning of Chinese in the UK.  See it HERE.

Have you say on the English Baccalaureate

Have you say on the English Baccalaureate - look here and submit your views as a teacher of Mandarin Chinese

The relevant page within the Education White paper is here:

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