Routledge Chinese Character Trainer App - good for revision?

The Routledge Chinese Character Trainer App provides the 510 characters presented in Level 1 and 2 of The Routledge Course in Modern Mandarin.

Use the app as you progress through the lessons. In Training Mode, view a stroke-by-stroke animation of each character. Practise it yourself the character outline provided. Then progress to Drill Mode whereby if you get a character wrong it goes to the back of the pack so you can try again. Test Mode in contrast only gives you one chance so motivating you to learn.

Might work for revision?


Chinese Calligraphy – resources to consider - links to other websites

Looking to do some Chinese writing / calligraphy with your class, school, after-school club?  Then create your session using these links and resources to ensure the children are engaged in its history, beauty and the technique involved.


Why not check out the following links:


FREE KS2 Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans - Unit 5: Xiao Bao and his friends

Before looking at this unit or any other unit of this Scheme of Work, you are advised to read the teachers notes about the Scheme of Work that can be found HERE

Word Magnets - Excellent Free tool for Sentence Construction

Word Magnets is an  excellent free piece of software which allows you to cut and paste sentences and reassemble them in random order, rather like fridge magnets.  It is extremely simple and can used in a surprising number of ways.  We have also spoken with the guys at Triptico who built it, and they have adapted Word Magnets to accept both Pinyin and Chinese Characters! 

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