Let's Celebrate: Colours, animals, clothes and verbs

All the animals are wearing different clothes and doing different things at the party. 

Chinese teaching resources: Learning Colours and Animals

Incrementally build up vocab and then sentences using vocabulary for animals and colours.

This pack of resources builds up in 3 levels as follows:

Learning about animals:

  • PPT Presentation called 'Animals' which shows show a mixture of animals with their associated characters/pinyin
  • 1 page handout showing animals and characters/pinyin
  • 1 page game worksheet matching animals to characters/pinyin

Learning about colours:

  • PPT Presentation called 'Colours' which shows the familiar animals and their specific colours.

Putting together a sentence using animals and colours:

  • PPT Presentation where pupils have to make a very basic sentence eg, Rabbit is wearing yellow


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