Word Magnets - Excellent Free tool for Sentence Construction

Word Magnets is an  excellent free piece of software which allows you to cut and paste sentences and reassemble them in random order, rather like fridge magnets.  It is extremely simple and can used in a surprising number of ways.  We have also spoken with the guys at Triptico who built it, and they have adapted Word Magnets to accept both Pinyin and Chinese Characters! 

I like to Eat..... building up sentences about Food

Use this resource to let your students build up sentences about Chinese food.

Children/teachers can Incrementally increase the complexity of the sentences.

Children can pick from the following sets of words in order to make a sentence:

FREE Chinese Tones Game: The Wiggle Worms

A fun game featuring the wiggly worms, which helps you learn and reinforce the fundamentals to the tones used in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. A fundamentally important step in the development of a person's ability to learn Mandarin Chinese, this game can be used to really get an good idea of the basics.

Use to practise your own Chinese or use in your classroom.

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