China Timeline - lesson activity

Attached is an ideal keyword and timeline activity that I am using to introduce China to my year 6's. The first slide allows children to link and understand keywords to their meaning for the forthcoming term. The following slides can be printed and laminated and used by pupils to place in order within the classroom.

Adventures in Chinese Culture: The Monkey King’s Guide

 Are you a looking for an interesting way of teaching various aspects of Chinese culture with practical lesson plans and classroom activities? 

International, Recommended reading - books for students going to University to read Oriental Studies/Chinese Studies

Please note that this list has been formed based on the opinions and personal recommendations of Chinese teaching practioners.  Please refer to specific University course reading lists for definitive books/resources. 


Learning about China - Resources at The British Museum for Schools and Teachers

 Who should use this resource?  Teachers wishing to branch out beyond teaching the language. Teachers inspired by the thought of using objects to engage children and young people about China's amazingly enriching and influential heritage. Why not talk to your Head of History about how you make real learning about China's past and how that past affects the future. Make China part of your whole school.

 What is this resource? 

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