Free Chinese Game Book: Greetings

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Children learn some useful conversations that you may have with your friends from all over the world.

First of all ‘read the book’ this beautifully illustrated book to hear and see all the conversations in full.

Then try Easy level.  You will see each page but with a sentence missing.  Select the missing sentence from the four choices below.

The difficult level is exactly the same except that the four choices are more similar to one another.


Chinese Pedagogy:

Moving from sentences within books and games, this takes the child to conversations. Simple discussions of the type children would have at school, with friends over a webcam and at home are featured.

The different levels allow the child to first read the book but then interactively become part of the conversation.  


Extended play ideas:

Role-play the conversations between children.

What other type of conversations might happen in the same scenes.

Invent new everyday scenes and the conversations that go with them.