Free Chinese Game: Ecohouse

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Come into the new Eco-friendly house.  Learn about the different rooms of the house and some common things and people that you find in the home. 

In level 1, listen and see the word in Chinese (character and pinyin) and find and click on the correct item in the house.

In level 2, things get a more difficult  - listen and see a whole sentence in Chinese (character and pinyin) and then click on the item or person in the house that the sentence is describing.


Relevancy is key here. Objects in the house and family members are words babies often learn very early. Young children relate to this vocabulary quickly and can practise it at home easily. Parents will be impressed, helping motivate the children more.

Gentle progression within the game sees the child understanding sentences around the home.  

Using words they learnt in previous levels, they anchor on to that word. The pictures and practice helps them gradually make sense of the whole sentence.

Extended play ideas:

Ask children to draw a picture of their own house or collectively create a collage. Magazines can easily be used to source pictures.  Ask the children to point to the appropriate room when you shout out the name of a room.

Ask each child to shout out a room name and the others to find it in their picture.

Extend the game by adding objects and people within the house to the game.

Teach the children about recycling. Get some plastic bottles, paper and containers for them. Can they put the right recyclable in the right container and state its name and perhaps colour.