Free Game - Chinese Snap!

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A really fun twist on the old ‘Snap’ card game.


Game 1:  Simple – when you see the same 2 cards press ‘Snap’.  Make sure you listen and remember the Chinese words that go with each card – you will need them for the next level!


Game 2:  Getting tricky – same as Game 1 but sometimes the sound you hear is not the correct on for the card dealt.  Click on ‘Snap’ if it is the correct card AND correct sound.  Click on ‘Snap but wrong sound!’ if it is the wrong sound.


Game 3:  Phew, this is tough.  You will hear (and see a sentence) in Chinese.  You must then click on ‘Snap’ if you see a word that you heard in the sentence.


For all games, if you get an answer correct, you earn money. Make a mistake and you lose money!



An introductory level is play with learning through listening. Children with no Mandarin knowledge can play this game.


The child progresses is their recognition of the sound and meaning good enough to cope with variations on right/wrong picture and right/wrong sound. This game gets the child listening and improves their chances of understanding the same vocabulary in different contexts.


Now we place the key words into a sentence. This mimics the natural learning of languages where key word anchoring can help understand a full sentence of less familiar words.


Extended play ideas:

Make up some snap cards using magazine pictures. Score a point when there is a snap and the write word is said. Gain extra points if that word can be made into a sentence.