Free Game: Learn Chinese Numbers - calculator style!

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Hear a number in Chinese and type out the number in Chinese characters on the school calculator. Counting in Chinese in to the thousands as a child is easy! If you get stuck, press ‘help’ once to reveal the English number.  Get stuck again, press ‘help’ again to reveal the Chinese character (which matches the numbers on the calculator!). Be warned though, pressing ‘help’ will mean that you get fewer points. Useful when getting a bus or when paying for something.


Retro graphics and a game that times out makes this a hit with children. The help button showing the English and the Chinese characters makes for a flexible Linguistic Play Unit that progresses learning without frustration.

Extended play ideas:

Make a bus map with bus numbers on it and places from the Find it Places game. Can the children get the right bus to the cinema?

Where does number 14 bus go?