Free Chinese Emotions Vocabulary Game - Spaceman how do you feel?

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Description: Practise your Chinese vocabulary around emotions in your school. How are the spacemen, aliens and robots feeling?  Are they sad, happy, hungry, or excited?  

In level 1, look at the character with the empty speech bubble and select the correct answer from the 4 choices below (in pinyin/Chinese characters).

In level 2, one of the characters is asking the other a question.  Select the correct answer. Be careful though, as sometimes a negative answer is required, for example –“Do you feel sad?”.“No, I don’t feel sad, I feel happy” (in Chinese of course!)

Pedagogy: Recognising feelings is critical to a child’s development. So why not in Chinese too?

 There is the bonus that the space creature is hiding his feelings and must be clicked on to reveal how he feels.

The child learns the vocabulary for emotions. Sentence patterning is key especially as the sentences become more complex

 Extended play ideas: Make masks of the different feelings.  Ask the children to chose a mask each and say I am feeling – whatever the feeling is’. Choose some of the masks and some of the children. Shout out an emotion and the children must run to the child with the right mask