Let's Celebrate: Colours, animals, clothes and verbs

All the animals are wearing different clothes and doing different things at the party. 

Let us eat

Tags: Culture

Order up!  You are in a restaurant and the chef wants to cook. Press order to hear (and see) the first order in Chinese.  Look at the Chef’s counter and select the correct item of food.  If you get it correct, it will fall onto the waiter’s tray!

The Pedagogy:

Food is fun vocabulary to learn. Children can at least impress their parents when they eat at a Chinese restaurant.
 The food exploding if the child’s matching of food to the sound adds to the fun. As a basic game it is important to make it enjoyable. 
Extended play ideas:
Using pictures of Chinese food, help the children learn the ingredients that go into the dishes. Using a map of China show the different regions of the country and where and how food differs between regions.

FREE Chinese Tones Game: The Wiggle Worms

A fun game featuring the wiggly worms, which helps you learn and reinforce the fundamentals to the tones used in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. A fundamentally important step in the development of a person's ability to learn Mandarin Chinese, this game can be used to really get an good idea of the basics.

Use to practise your own Chinese or use in your classroom.