I like to Eat..... building up sentences about Food

Use this resource to let your students build up sentences about Chinese food.

Children/teachers can Incrementally increase the complexity of the sentences.

Children can pick from the following sets of words in order to make a sentence:

  • Wǒ  我/Nǐ 你/Tā他/Nǐmen 你们 /Wǒmen 我们 /Tāmen她们
  • xǐhuān我喜欢
  • Jīdàn 鸡蛋/ Jīroù 鸡肉 /Miànbāo 麵包 etc
Then using other additional words to change the sentence
  • hěn 很, bù 不, chī 吃, hē喝, ma? 吗 and nǐ ne? 你呢

Available in PDF or PPT versions. PDF is suitable for handouts. PPT can obviously be added to and altered if you wish to change the content in anyway.

Why not play a game about food. Click on game to play.

Some photos of Chinese food are contained.  Food photos

Lesson Plan: