Character Sentence Pattern Practise tip

This useful exercise for practising sentence patterns in a fun and motivational way was sent in by Paul Tyskerud of Dartford Grammar School

• Type out the sentence patterns/structures that you are studying at the moment (at lease font size 20) leaving spaces between each character.

• Print them out (about 8 copies for a class that has 8 tables or more if you like) and then cut out each character

• When you have cut out all of your characters, shuffle them and put them in an envelope. You will need an envelope for each table/group in the class. Copies of some typical characters Paul has used are attached.

• Write on the white board the sentences that need to be found/put together in English and tell pupils the first team to correctly piece together the sentences wins a prize/merit mark (give the quietest team a merit mark to encourage good behaviour!).

Whilst this may be a fairly old technique, it does always seem to get a very positive results from students. It also ticks the following boxes:

• Kinaesthetic learning

• Team work

• Consolidating sentence structures (e.g. subject + verb + etc. etc.) & reading practise

• Competition

 • Differentiation (use more complex sentences/grammar structures for more advanced pupils in the class).

• It’s fun, engaging and doesn’t take too long to prepare!

Check out the attached character sheets that Paul has used in his lessons

Lesson Plan: