FREE KS2 Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans - Unit 5: Xiao Bao and his friends

Before looking at this unit or any other unit of this Scheme of Work, you are advised to read the teachers notes about the Scheme of Work that can be found HERE

Each unit of this Scheme of Work is is designed to be used across a term (if working within a scholastic year of 6 terms or one unit every half term if working with a scholastic year of 3 terms). It is envisaged that children are taught Mandarin Chinese for between 40 minutes and an hour with follow up either by the Chinese teacher or more likely by the class teacher throughout the week.
This unit 5 is 'Xiao Bao and his friends'. It consists of session 1-6 which are downloadable at the bottom of this page.
***NEW*** Video Podcast:  Native Chinese teacher, Li Ziru demonstrates how sounds/words on the Pronunciation practise grid  should be correctly pronounced.  If you are a non-native Chinese teacher, you may want to consider using these with your children.  Look at the video podcasts below 
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