Glogster, International Free ICT MFL Resource: Making posters for Mandarin and China cultural projects

This is a Glog we made early that supports the Mandarin KS2 Scheme of Work.

Who should use Glogster?
·         Are you looking for different ways to interest and motivate your Chinese class?
·         Are you looking for new and innovative ways for your class to collaborate and be proud of their achievements?
·         Do you want to create CPD opportunities and improve your ICT competencies? 
What is Glogster?
This is a Glog we made earlier that supports the Mandarin KS2 Scheme of Work.
Glogster is a FREE web-based (Web 2.0) tool that allows students to create online posters or glogs, as they call them, which can then be shared on the internet. They can even be embedded on school wikis.
Glogster allows teachers and students to produce creative posters, by:
·         adding text - putting it in fun balloons, boxes etc. Drag and dropping and re-sizing
·         adding sound – recording sounds directly into the Glog with mic hooked up.
·         adding hyperlinks to other websites
·         adding video – linking directly to You-Tube clips.
·         uploading images/photos
·         attaching data documents (Edu Glogster version only)
The Chinese Staffroom says……
This is a fantastic free tool which is really easy to use. After only a matter of minutes you can quite competently add you own content. The nice clear icons make adding content to your Glog simple- children even more so!
Glogster’s greatest asset is that it offers students an environment which they are used to, it allows them to be creative, have fun and, most importantly, it allows them to include sound and video.
Click here or on the picture above to go to a glog I made earlier today, notice the sound and video players.
Glogster has many uses. These are just a small handful:
·         Creating brochures/presentations on one poster – instead of Word or Powerpoint.
·         If you are studying a particular cultural theme, eg Chinese contemporary culture, get students to create personal or class Glog about the theme using different media. Get them to upload vocabulary in Chinese that supports the theme.
·         Students create their own glogs and peer review each others.
·         Students can practise pronunciation of Chinese and can record either at school direct into their Glog or by themselves in the privacy of their own headsets or at home. This helps to remove any reticence to speak in front of peers or teachers. They can delete and re-record as many times as they like.
How do you create and account and view Glogs?
Simply go HERE and register. Having logged-in, you and your class can start making Glogs. When the Glog has been completed it can be saved. The Glog is saved on the Glogster server and you will be given a unique URL to view it. The user can also choose whether the Glog is :
·         Public :it can be viewed by anyone visiting the Glogster website or
·         Private: just people that you give the URL to.   This is a better option for your class to use.
Trust us, this is so simple to use and your students will love using it.  Go on, try it!
If you have any comments about this article or have any Chinese Glogs that you have made of your own that you would like to share, please email Pete at info [at] thechinesestaffroom [dot] com
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